Flight Bars

AFC/BSL Flight Bars

Key Benefits

Wear Area

Main wear areas (sole plate & tips) are designed into the lower cradle. During overhaul only the lower bar is replaced, which significantly reduces the replacement cost of flight bars.


All Cradle Bars are bi-directional being located internally between upper and lower faces.

This Feature Eliminates:

  • Replacement bolt cost when turning chain.
  • Transport cost & time to & from mine.
  • Expensive labour charges turning chain.
  • Face change delays.
+ACT Flight Bar Benefits

Other ACT Flight Bar Benefits

Fasteners Retention

ACT established long ago the benefit of having fasteners in both vertical and horizontal bolts and at least one vertical bolt; in most cases two vertical bolts can be incorporated.
Fine threaded high tensile bolts are used in the vertical plane. Similar hexagon bolts or swaged pins can be used in the horizontal plane.

Steel Choice

Only the best grade of steel which provides the greatest depth of hardness combined with the maximum core toughness is used in all ACY flight bars.
Dependant on quantities and width, AFC bars are usually forged and the BSL bars are usually cast.


Warranties will be offered with all flight bars understanding conditions and where possible, previous experience.

Chain Fit

All ACT flight bars are engineered to provide a sliding fit onto any din spec chain minimising tip ‘swing’ and creating the maximum stabilised condition to cope with lumps, heavy rock and minimising derailment.

Various Design

ACT can also supply one piece full width bars and conventional two piece bars.


All flight bars can be supplied up to 1400mm wide to suit all chain sizes up to 56mm.

Our main areas of supply include Cable & Hose Handling & Protection systems, Anti-Impalement Safety Caps, Conveying Chain & Flight Bars and Wear Protection Products.

The experience and academic ability of ACT enables us to provide project specific products, providing high warranty levels with confidence and low cost of ownership with very high availability..

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Product Brochures

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