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At ACT, using the latest 3D Design Software we combine creativity with practical engineering expertise. Our dedicated team can deliver the complete design and manufacturing solution.

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From the initial conversation, the pencil drawing and the first touch of the keyboard, we are already thinking about how it will work, how it will look and how it will be made.
Initial concept design meetings usually promote and encourage fresh thoughts and ideas. From these discussions we can create the initial concept drawings, then on to more complex production layout drawings, 3D models and animated renderings, whilst exploring your design ideas, all helping to communicate all design information more effectively.
Your designs can be realistically rendered which allows you to view, measure and mark up the design data during development. These rendered images provide a realistic 360 Degree impression of the desired product that can be seen from all angles.

ACT Scorpion Tri-pull Cable and Hose Handler and Protector 2 links

Our SolidWorks design software is capable of creating visuals for complex assemblies. If your product requires more than just one part, we can mate them together and make certain that there are no issues with collisions and that they assemble together correctly before any machining takes place. If required a 3D animation can be produced which will indicate how any moving components connect together will perform.

  • Using Motion Analysis we can study the physics of moving assemblies to help you refine designs, and enhance reliability.
  • Structural Validation helps to enhance product quality by identifying areas prone to weakness and failure.
  • Our Design for Manufacturability validation tool identifies geometry that is difficult, expensive, or impossible to manufacture by conventional machining operations, such as milling, drilling, and turning.

We provide cost effective, top quality injection mouldings and machine engineered products that are delivered on time from our machines which can run 24 hours a day.
We are also able to colour materials and coat engineered parts to suit our customers’ product requirements.

If you’d like more information on our company and processes, please do not hesitate to contact us or come and see us.

Our main areas of supply include Cable & Hose Handling & Protection systems, Anti-Impalement Safety Caps, Conveying Chain & Flight Bars and Wear Protection Products.

The experience and academic ability of ACT enables us to provide project specific products, providing high warranty levels with confidence and low cost of ownership with very high availability..

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Product Brochures

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